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451 Research: OpenStack-related Business Models to Exceed $4BN by 2019

Solinea Launches Enterprise Platform for Management, Audit, and Monitoring for OpenStack

Download the July 2016 451 Research Impact Report on Solinea: “Solinea’s Goldstone Enterprise Targets Enterprise Openstack Users”

451 Research tracks the evolving OpenStack business models through its Market Monitor offering, a market-sizing and forecasting service that offers a bottom-up market size, share and forecast analysis for the rapidly evolving marketplace for OpenStack-related products and services. The service provides detailed information on the 56 vendors in the OpenStack marketplace, including a listing of each vendor and its products, and a view of the competitive landscape. This service tracks key market segments whose vendors support OpenStack or base their services on the OpenStack framework: service providers, IT services, distributions and training. The OpenStack Market Monitor no longer includes PaaS and cloud management vendor revenue associated with OpenStack. Those estimates are fully included in our Cloud Enabling Technologies forecasts.

The 451 Take

Our OpenStack market estimate and forecast was derived using a bottom-up analysis of each vendor’s current revenue generation and growth prospects. Of the 56 companies included within our estimate, eight out of 10 have directly provided revenue guidance. Based on our research, we continue to believe the market is still in the early stages of enterprise use and revenue generation. Our Market Monitor service expects total OpenStack-related revenue to exceed $4bn by 2019. Revenue overwhelmingly comes from the service provider space, with in increasing portion coming from private cloud deployments rather than public IaaS. We expect an uptick in revenue from all sectors, especially from OpenStack products and distributions that are primarily targeting enterprises.

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