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Leading Japanese Media Company Scales Up Growth with Containers and Microservices

With its web-scale containers and microservices-based infrastructure with CI/CD and DevOps processes in place, no customer request is too demanding for this leading Japanese media company.

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With strong growth and increasing customer demands, read how a leading Japanese media company and Solinea customer set out to accelerate its’ ability to adopt new infrastructure technologies to increase speed to market of new services for their customers, such as big data analytics platforms, in more cost-effective manners.

Read this case study to learn about:

  • Container Orchestration with Kubernetes – Solinea developed a container orchestration platform that has been designed to run on their 2,000+ node OpenStack / Open Compute infrastructure.
  • DevOps Tooling and Pipelines – Rolled out DevOps pipelines to facilitate the increases in agility that was needed. These helped to both get new applications to market as well as decrease the cycle time and streamline application updates, for both developers and operators of existing applications.
  • Process Re-Architecture – A DevOps Process architecture was completed. This was coupled with the CI and CD tooling needed to be successful and meet their current and future scale.