Training Overview

The success of your Open Infrastructure initiative is dependent on the expertise of the individuals charged with architecting, implementing, and operating the infrastructure and underlying applications. Solinea Training Services will train and coach your infrastructure staff to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully execute and sustain your Open Infrastructure solution.

Why Solinea Training?

With Solinea Training Services your staff will learn from seasoned practitioners that understand first-hand the complexities and challenges facing organizations embarking on an Open Infrastructure initiative. Our curriculum is developed collaboratively by our training and consulting teams using proven instructional design practices and continuously updated to reflect the latest technology updates and best practices. This unique approach ensures your team receives effective and relevant training on the rapidly evolving Open Infrastructure ecosystem.

Training Services

Delivery – Solinea offers training publically in a live virtual format and privately on-site or virtually to facilitate participation of geographically dispersed IT teams. In addition, private delivery can be spaced over time to minimize work disruption and allow for metered study and practice before proceeding to new topics and/or increasing topic complexity..

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Customization – Solinea can create new or modify existing training aligned to the specifics of your technology stack, processes, and desired outcomes. Customizations make the training more efficient and relevant by eliminating unessential topics and focusing on critical concepts and use cases that lead directly to the desired knowledge and skills required for success.

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Coaching – The value of Instructor led training is only realized when the new knowledge and skills are applied on the job. Solinea offers a wide range of pre and post training coaching options that can be accessible remotely or onsite. Coupled with formal training, the coaching service accelerates time to productivity at the individual and team level by making experts available to coach and mentor the team on the job to close knowledge gaps and ensure on the job learning transfer.

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Open Infrastructure Training Catalog

Solinea’s curriculum tracks are designed to build your teams OpenStack administrative, implementation, and architecting skills (OpenStack Curriculum) and help you operationalize and automate your infrastructure (Containers and Microservices Curriculum + Configuration Management and Automation Curriculum).

Containers & Microservices

Config Mgmt & Automation

OpenStack Core


OpenStack Specialty

Training Schedule

The Solinea Approach