Overcoming process inefficiencies and barriers

Implementing DevOps is exciting, daunting and disruptive. While the benefits of continuous integration and deployment have been proven to enable faster times to market, embracing DevOps means embracing change. Teams traditionally siloed and often pitted against each other must now become one. Skills will morph and merge, processes will automate, and new toolsets will be acquired. Resistance will be a given.

Transparency, collaboration, and trust are the imperatives to DevOps, and measurement is its tenant. Continuous deployment means little if automation does not support an iterative, KPI data capture and feedback loop—fundamental for ensuring stability while proving concepts earlier and getting them to market quicker.

How we can help

We work with customers to develop the agile processes and supporting automation (CI/CD) toolchains to drive agility in how organizations deploy applications to the cloud. Recognizing that DevOps is an iterative process, maturing as technologies and companies mature, we like to start small. Our PoCs typically involve a small, dedicated, cross functional team attacking a small business problem. Our approach takes into account the culture change that is needed to be successful with a transformation like DevOps. We like to work with existing toolsets, while adding new ones where needed. Quick wins are essential to gain acceptance and project funding.

At the same time, our approach is holistic. Any DevOps solution will be considered in the guise of the entire ecosystem—what Solinea calls its Open Infrastructure Adoption LifecycleTM—their initiatives often running in parallel, enabling organizations to develop the right end-to-end cloud adoption roadmap that drives IT agility across the enterprise.

Successful Enterprise IT Transformation

Solinea helped a top 5 stock exchange define an IT strategy to incorporate hybrid cloud, DevOps toolchain, and Agile processes to enable the achievement of agility, efficiency and cost savings objectives.

Consider Your Organization’s DevOps Maturity

Gauge your maturity on the journey to open infrastructure with the Solinea DevOps Maturity Matrix, a new assessment tool for you to help measure your team, department, and organization.

See how you can:

  • Understand what Level (1-5) you, your team, or dev/eng organization overall is at in the journey to DevOps
  • Assess and build next steps to help evolve People, Processes, Technology, and Culture where needed
  • Use as review, a level set, or for educating the business side if you are a more advanced organization
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The Solinea Approach