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Get Web-scale, Modern Infrastructure to Boost Agility, Decrease Costs and Vendor Lock in

While Cloud has enabled enterprise agility, efficiency, scale and cost savings, the technology is changing quickly. With the adoption of production-level open infrastructure increasing, an ecosystem has evolved, including Agile development, Automation, and CI/CD, and companies can’t consider one without the other now.

Cloud infrastructure remains the foundation of that enabling ecosystem, and by itself poses a host of challenges. Envisioning infrastructure not as hardware, but as software, for instance. Going from racking servers to writing software—transforming the skills of operations teams can be a big task. Unraveling what needs to be done and when, selecting the right tools for the job, holding up to cloud standards for compliance and security, all without causing disruption is a huge challenge operations groups face.

How we can help

We help companies architect and deploy production cloud infrastructures as the foundation of our Open Infrastructure Adoption LifecycleTM. Whether it’s a private cloud, a hybrid platform or simply migrating to a public cloud, Solinea’s Approach guides organizations on how to best design and deploy the right infrastructure for their business needs and how to accelerate cloud adoption.

From developing cloud infrastructure strategies, to architecting the right solution for the use cases, to driving cloud adoption, Solinea has created packaged service offerings that will jumpstart the deployment and integration of cloud solutions into the organization’s IT fabric.

Solinea has worked with global organizations to design and build scalable cloud infrastructures that help them achieve the agility, efficiency and cost objectives driven by the business.

See how Solinea optimizes cloud infrastructure to boost agility, developer productivity, and profit for global credit card company.

“In a recent 451 Research study of 1,155 technology and business decision-makers across nine countries and eight vertical industries, nearly three-quarters said cloud will become the primary application deployment method within two years. Two-thirds of this will be via third-party service providers and one-third into on-premises cloud environments.”
451 Research October, 2016

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