Open Infrastructure Services

We accelerate enterprise cloud adoption

Solinea services help enterprises build step-by-step modernization plans to evolve from legacy infrastructure and processes to modern cloud and open source infrastructure driven by DevOps and Agile processes.

Better processes and tools equal better customer (and employee) satisfaction, lower IT costs, and easier recruiting, with fewer legacy headaches.

Solinea specializes in 3 areas:

  • Containers and Microservices – Now enterprises are looking for ways to drive even more efficiencies, we help organizations with Docker and Kubernetes implementations – containerizing applications and orchestrating the containers in production.
  • DevOps and CI/CD Automation – Once we build the infrastructure, the challenge is to gain agility from the environment, which is the primary reason people adopt cloud. We work at the process level and tool chain level, meaning that we have engineers that specialize in technologies like Jenkins, Git, Artifactory, Cliqr and we build these toolchains and underlying processes so organizations can build and move apps more effectively to the cloud.
  • Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure – We are design and implementation experts, working with a variety of open source and proprietary.

The challenge for many enterprises is with scaling their solutions and raising the skill level of their resources—prerequisites for sustainable adoption. Technology is being introduced at a torrid pace, and nimble competitors are entering the market and shattering the status quo. Customers demand higher quality and consistency of services, and costs have to be kept under control.

Enterprises can’t do this on their own—too often they lack the resources to architect, deploy, adopt and operate Open Infrastructure solutions in a manner that will make them self-sufficient in the long-term.

That’s where Solinea comes in. Solinea helps enterprises expedite adoption of Open Infrastructure solutions by providing expert services and a multi-disciplinary, technology-agnostic approach to designing and deploying production clouds (The Solinea Approach™). We understand the technology adoption challenges of global enterprises, and we’ve optimized our architecture, deployment, training and process development services to break down the Open Infrastructure adoption barriers.

The Solinea Approach was created with the knowledge that Open Infrastructure is composed of an interrelated ecosystem that encompasses more than technology. The evolution to Open Infrastructure requires process reconfiguration, revisiting governance models, and enablement of organizational transformation. We created the Solinea Approach based on our proven track record and experience architecting, building and operating production clouds supported by Open Infrastructure.

Learn more about each methodology in the Solinea Approach by clicking the links below.


The Solinea Approach