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Solinea in Techtarget – OpenStack infrastructure embraces containers, but challenges remain

Despite a recent push to embrace container technology, OpenStack still has a number of hurdles to clear before boosting enterprise adoption.

OpenStack continues to gain modest traction despite its ongoing growing pains. Now, users see a lifeline in a technology some view as the death knell for the open source project.

OpenStack leaders push the software as the underlying cloud framework to connect the disparate bits of enterprise IT, and, increasingly, containers are the central piece to that roadmap. The technology has been prominent at each of the last three user conferences and some think it will fulfill OpenStack’s long-held promise to avoid vendor lock-in and seamlessly share public and private cloud resources.

The rise of Docker and containers as a way to package applications is seen by some as offering the same benefits as OpenStack without the headaches and costs of deploying the cloud operating system. But instead of positioning it as an alternative, the OpenStack community has embraced both open source technologies.

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