Containers & Microservices Curriculum

  • Introduction to Docker


    This two-day class provides a thorough introduction to containers and the Docker platform to include Docker’s: Container architecture, platform components, filesystem, images, container communications, storage, orchestration tool, clustering capabilities, and key resources.

    The course is delivered using a combination of interactive lectures leveraging PowerPoint, whiteboards, core references, instructor solo and follow-me demonstrations, and hands-on labs.


    2 Days


    This course is designed for architects, developers, system administrators, and technical team members that will be developing and managing Docker containers.

    Topics Covered:

    • Docker Overview
    • Installation
    • Commands and navigation
    • Container operations
    • Image building and management
    • Container data management
    • Docker Images
    • Docker image repositories
    • Automated image builds
    • Docker filesystems and volumes
    • Docker networking
    • Clustered communications
    • Docker compose
    • Docker swarm
    • Container monitoring

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