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Drive Agility with Process and Technology Alignment

Digital Transformation of a business does not start and end with the technology teams. Modern development practices, whether they are called Agile, or DevOps, or cloud-native, can fundamentally improve the speed of application delivery to market. However, many organizations face challenges to change existing technology and business processes, as they are embedded in the structure and culture of the organization. Solinea understands that for many organizations, embracing DevOps requires a re-evaluation of a wide range of IT systems, processes (Business and Technology), and staff skillsets, so that change can be implemented holistically. Only by aligning culture, practices, and technology will an organization maximize the feature velocity and quality from the development and operational teams.

How we can help

Solinea works with clients to assess their current practices and systems in light of their strategic goals. DevOps readiness assessments lead into specific technical consulting to design and implement supporting automation (e.g. CI/CD) systems. These engagements range from proof-of-concept/proof-of-value exercises to a complete production pipeline engineering. Solinea engages the business community to ensure alignment across the organization, and takes into account the client’s existing toolsets, adding new technologies only when needed.

Our offerings include:

  • CI/CD Pipeline Build & Rationalization

  • DevOps Assessment

  • DevOps PoC

  • DevSecOps

  • CloudOps / SRE

  • Monitoring / Logging Standards

  • IT Analytics

  • Secrets Management

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