Why Is DevOps So Hard for the Enterprise?

Are you ready to implement a DevOps philosophy in your company? Good for you. Solinea is happy to share a bit of advice with you about how best to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

But just so we are all on the same page, you should know that DevOps isnot a technology change. DevOps is a process change.

This distinction is at the heart of why DevOps transformation can be so hard for an enterprise. After all, DevOps is not about how you install a technology. It’s about how you get your full team—in some cases as many as 40,000 people—to change the way they work every day. It can be a bit of a battle, to put it lightly.

Later this month, I will share with you in the Solinea blog a three-part series that will identify some of the chief barriers we see large enterprises face as they progress along their journey to adopt modern IT development and operations processes.

In Part 1, we’ll address process barriers; in Part 2, we’ll look at psychological barriers; and in Part 3, we’ll take a look at some basic business principles that are often neglected in a DevOps transformation.

Why is it important to understand these potential barriers? I am sure we have all seen this before, but Gene Kim puts it well in The Phoenix Project:

“I’ve seen this movie before. The plot is simple: First, you take an urgent date-driven project, where the shipment date cannot be delayed because of external commitments… Then you add a bunch of developers who use up all the time in the schedule, leaving no time for testing or operations deployment. And because no one is willing to slip the deployment date, everyone after Development has to take outrageous and unacceptable shortcuts to hit the date.”

Transforming your business should prevent these scenes from being played over and over again. Understanding the obstacles you may encounter along the way will help you avoid pitfalls in the process change and move forward in a way that does not replay the same movie over and over again.


Read Part 2: Overcoming Psychological Barriers to DevOps.


Open infrastructure veteran Seth Fox is a Vice President at Solinea. Seth brings 20 years of technology and management experience to the Solinea team. He has managed and delivered some of the largest cloud deployments, both public and private, worldwide. He has also lead Solinea’s largest customers through IT process transformations. Seth has provided both business and technical leadership to service providers and enterprises around the world.

Author: Seth Fox