What’s New in OpenStack Liberty?

OpenStack’s Liberty release will be available October 15. The latest OpenStack iteration introduces a bevy of new features across all of the OpenStack programs, as well as the usual bug fixes and operational improvements. 

On October 22, Solinea will hold a live webinar that will review the core programs and discuss what’s new in the release.
Here’s a preview of some of the new features:

  • Compute: API 2.1 is now the default, consolidated API console calls, enhanced IPv6 support, admin users can view any keypair
  • Neutron: Enhanced IPv6 support, QOS API functionality, improvements in OVS stability, role-based access control for networks.
  • Keystone: Per-identity provider WebSSO support, configuration validation, hardening of Kilo features (Fernet tokens, federation, domain-specific configurations from database and Role Assignments.)
  • Cinder: Improved image caching, non-disruptive backups, nested quotas, ability to clone consistency groups of volumes. 
  • Heat: Convergence (greater parallelization of resources), conditional resource exposure, Heat stack previews.
  • Searchlight: A brand new project within OpenStack. Searchlight dramatically improves performance across OpenStack by offloading user searches
  • Containerize all the things

Author: Irwin Soonachan