End-to-end Training for Open Infrastructure

Why Training is Critical to Modern Open Infrastructure

Enterprises and service providers need to move faster than ever to stay competitive in today’s markets. IT agility, efficiency, and repeat-ability are paramount to companies’ success and are seen as business and revenue drivers by many executive teams and boards.

One way to achieve these goals is by adopting Open Infrastructure, which we define as:


While the business benefits for open infrastructure are significant and include removing technical debt, saving resources and money, and accelerating time to market. Challenges as we all know it is early, very complex, and incredibly resource constrained.

That said, we’ve helped organizations adopt open infrastructure, from Legacy through 2.0


A few specific examples of moving infrastructure forward include:

  • We’ve worked with one of the largest car companies in the world in an end-to-end engagement to conceive, architect, and implement a production, enterprise-wide private cloud to support a big data initiative to track and model automobile feature usage to inform their product roadmap.
  • We’ve also worked with the leading genomics organization, The Broad Institute, to plan, build, and help them adopt a similar big data analytics infrastructure with a 3-week POC, and 6-week production launch as highlights.
  • We’ve worked with a global stock exchange to transform their legacy IT and build an enterprise hybrid cloud with real, department chargeback modeling, and an application migration strategy and implementation. Simply building these is one thing, ensuring the organization is ready with the proper training on DevOps process and OpenStack training is another. We trained departments on being able to manage and scale the infrastructure on their own.

A few CI/CD, Containers and Microservices examples:

  • We’ve worked with a worldwide web property to design, pilot, and deploy in production a very large container orchestration platform (Kubernetes) together with the DevOps and CI/CD toolchain and processes to support it ongoing. We believe this is one of the largest in the world outside of Google.
  • We’ve worked and continue to work with a leading media company to developed the IT strategy that has driven their hybrid cloud solution, supported by DevOps processes and automation to enable agility and embrace a rapidly growing customer base.

Solinea helps organizations adopt DevOps and containers and microservices through consulting services where we help enterprises adopt open infrastructure by designing, building and deploying the solutions, and then through training our customers to become self sufficient with technical training for operators, and process training for management.

Why Solinea Training?

Open Infrastructure is hard, you need to partner with experts like Solinea to sell the initiative internally to sometimes even get started, then to define and architect the adoption roadmap, and finally to train your teams to upskill your capabilities.

That is why our training offerings are 50% hands-on lab work, and have been developed covering rigorous and comprehensive open infrastructure learning paths across Architecture, Administration, Implementation, and Design to enable the necessary right skills and facilitate adoption.

We recognize that OpenStack is but just one of the fundamental components of Open Infrastructure solutions, which is why you’ll find the Solinea team contributing code to Docker, deploying packages using Ansible or RunDeck and managing cloud native applications under Kubernetes.

These training offerings span three basic categories:


Here is a high-level diagram of the training tracks Solinea offers by category…

  • Containers and Microservices Curriculum
    • Our expertise in containers and microservices and extensive first-hand experience architecting and deploying Kubernetes solutions in the enterprise gives you a real-world view on how to architect, install, manage and scale Docker and Kubernetes on your own.
    • Our containers and microservices curriculum provides IT practitioners (Software Developers, System Architects, System Engineers, Operations & System Administrators, and Cloud End-Users) the requisite knowledge and skills to understand, architect, deploy, and use Docker and Kubernetes to manage their containerized applications.
  • Configuration Management & Automation Curriculum
    • These courses introduce your application developers and Cloud IT/Operations teams to the fundamentals of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) utilized to develop online services with a comprehensive indoctrination to Ansible with a focus on the application of Ansible plays, modules, playbooks, and playbook development. The courses are taught using a combination of interactive lectures leveraging PowerPoint, whiteboards, core references, instructor solo and follow-me demonstrations, and hands-on lab to ensure you know how to deploy Ansible to automate the configuration management of your IT infrastructure.
    • The courses are again taught by Solinea Architects that are active Ansible practitioners and have extensive first-hand experience deploying Ansible at scale in the enterprise.
  • OpenStack Core and Specialty Curriculum
    • As OpenStack pioneers, Solinea understands the specific needs of the enterprise; we know how to architect and integrate OpenStack clouds into existing legacy environments to support vertical (e.g,. service provider, telco, automotive/manufacturing, healthcare, internet, and financial services) and horizontal (e.g., Big Data, mobile, HPC, streaming media, dev/test) applications and workloads. We understand the enterprise has security, compliance and regulatory needs as well as challenging operating requirements. That’s why we provide training curriculum that extends beyond the technology implementation, to ensure that the cloud is fully integrated and adopted by the enterprise.
    • The courses are again taught by Solinea Architects that are active Ansible practitioners and have extensive first-hand experience deploying OpenStack at scale in the enterprise.

In summary, we’ve partnered with the largest network equipment provider in the world, the leading US telco and other global enterprise customers to train their engineers on OpenStack, DevOps, Docker and Kubernetes to ensure their teams are ready for what’s next.

Set up a 20-minute overview with our training team to see how Solinea training offerings can help your organization prepare for open infrastructure.