Solinea’s Ken Pepple Presents at OpenStack Day Ireland

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Solinea services help enterprises build step-by-step modernization plans to evolve from legacy infrastructure and processes to modern cloud and open source infrastructure driven by DevOps and Agile processes.

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Solinea’s Ken Pepple Presents at OpenStack Day Ireland.

Solinea had the great pleasure of attending and presentation at today’s OpenStack Days Ireland, the first major OpenStack event in Dublin. The sold-out affair was held in Dublin’s Silicon Docks district at the Marker Hotel.

The day began with messages from the sponsors of the day: The OpenStack Foundation, Intel, SUSE, Intel and Ammeon. Jonathan Bryce gave the kickoff that presented the emerging trends in cloud and the state of OpenStack. This was followed with discussions about the OpenStack roadmap, modelling applications and updates from the latest OpenStack Summit.


Solinea’s CTO, Ken Pepple, spoke to the crowd about the challenges of “Managing OpenStack in the Enterprise”.

The afternoon brought a focus on networking covering NFV, Kubernetes integration, DPDK and performance. In addition, Workday presented the case study of their OpenStack deployment and operations.


See Ken’s entire presentation here:

Solinea specializes in 3 areas: 

  • Cloud architecture and infrastructure design and implementation, with a specificfocus on OpenStack – We have been working with OpenStack since its inception,wrote the first on how to deploy OpenStack, and have built numerous privateand public cloud platforms based on the technology.
  • DevOps and CI/CD Automation – Once we build the infrastructure, the challengeis to gain agility from the environment, which is the primary reason people adoptcloud. We work at the process level and tool chain level, meaning that we haveengineers that specialize in technologies like Jenkins, Git, Artifactory, Cliqr andwe build these toolchains and underlying processes so organizations can buildand move apps more effectively to the cloud.
  • Containers and Microservices – Now enterprises are looking for ways to driveeven more efficiencies, we help organizations with docker and kubernetesimplementations – containerizing applications and orchestrating the containers inproductionWe offer consulting and training services to help customers.