Solinea’s First Year

The last week of January 2014 marked Solinea’s one-year anniversary. I wanted to take the opportunity to share why we started Solinea and why we are doubling down this year. Ken and I firmly believed that there was an opportunity to transform the cloud industry by providing the right mix of software and services to help customers adopt this new wave of technology and capabilities. Our goals were to create a unique value proposition built on the pillars of our team, our experience, an innovative customer delivery approach, unmitigated focus, a targeted partner ecosystem, and building the right company culture.

We have built – and are building – the company based on what we know is right for customers, our experience in delivering complex and innovative solutions to global enterprises, and the lessons learned from past challenges.

For those of you that were around during the dot-com “revolution”, we see some parallels with what is happening now. Legacy software and services firms are in the same position today as they were in the nineties, when the market was rapidly changing underneath them, and they struggled to adapt and stay current with the new technologies, architectures, processes and skill requirements. Conversely, nascent firms with a niche focus were able to build unique IP and hire, train and deploy skilled resources to help customers adopt new technologies, and were able to gain an advantage over the legacy firms. Of course, these legacy firms caught up, eventually, by either acquiring the innovators, or taking advantage of the lull created in the market in the early 2000’s. But the innovation was gone, together with the agility and spark that the new market entrants provided.

History is repeating itself. Once again, legacy software and services (and hardware) firms cannot change fast enough to accommodate this new computing paradigm without jeopardizing their legacy revenue streams. On the other side of the spectrum, some of these cloud startups don’t have the necessary hands-on enterprise IT and web-scale experience required to navigate entrenched processes, political factions and sensitive organizational relationships. The mantra that “The customer comes first,” one of the fundamental rules of any successful firm, is not in the product or delivery framework of these companies. As a result, there is a clear gap in the market today for a firm that understands challenges from the customer point of view and can partner with organizations to navigate this new world of cloud computing.

Solinea was created purposefully to fill these gaps. We don’t just help enterprises embrace the new wave of technology, we drive improvement through innovation, economics, change management and striving to impact our customers’ performance, their bottom line. In other words, creating strategies that are operationally executable and architectures that are easily adopted by our clients.

We have spent the last twenty (or so) years working closely with enterprise IT organizations, and have helped companies successfully adopt and leverage new technology waves from client-server to e-business, BPO/ITES and now cloud, and therefore strongly believe that IT will lead the transformation if they partner with their business constituents and the right external partners. Throwing out the old will not help, enterprises still need to leverage what exists today, and build a long-term roadmap that encompasses not just technology but process, governance, and organization in order to fully embrace cloud.

Solinea is just at the beginning, we have some ways to go, but we’ve made the right start, invested in the right people, and have chosen the right strategy to take full advantage of this opportunity. I am very much looking forward to 2014, and beyond.


Author: Francesco Paola