Solinea Speaking Submissions for OpenStack Summit Hong Kong

Solinea Submissions for OpenStack Summit Hong Kong

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  • OpenStack Havana Architecture 101
    Building upon his popular blog posts and diagrams (, Ken will walk through the software architecture of OpenStack Havana and describe its key software components, major features and important interactions. He will pay special attention to the Havana’s new projects (Ceilometer and Heat) as well as significant architecture changes in this release.
    After finishing with the software architecture, he will discuss common physical design patterns for small, medium and large scale deployments.
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  • So You Want to be a Cloud Service Provider …
    Building on their experiences building and running some of the earliest OpenStack-based public cloud services (KT, Internap, etc.), Ken and Francesco will outline the business, technical and organizational challenges of getting into the Cloud Service Provider game. This will include discussions of business plan elements (service offerings, differentiation and cost models), technical architectures (conceptual architectures, integration into the existing OSS/BSS structures and operational skills) as well as organization challenges (sales enablement, engineering priorities and product management importance).
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Hope to see everyone in Hong Kong this November.

Author: Solinea