Solinea partners with Hashicorp to drive hybrid cloud adoption and accelerate application delivery to the cloud

Solinea is delighted to be selected as a Hashicorp SI launch partner in conjunction with the new Hashicorp partner network

At Solinea, we partner with clients to enable their cloud adoption journey, from hybrid cloud infrastructure modernization to enabling ability with DevOps and accelerating application delivery to the cloud. Increasingly, we are seeing organizations adopting the Hashicorp product suite in an effort to modernize their approach and accelerate application delivery in a hybrid cloud world. Whether it’s provisioning infrastructure with Terraform to create a foundation to run applications or modernizing security through better secrets management with Vault, the Hashicorp suite is perfectly suited for our clients digital transformation journey.

In September at Hashiconf 2017, Hashicorp released Sentinel, a policy as code framework that the company is embedding into its enterprise product suite to enable automated, fine-grained, logic-based policy decisions to control the many types of infrastructure supporting modern applications. At Solinea, we view this as an evolutionary step forward from infrastructure as code by codifying business and automating regulatory policies to ensure infrastructure changes meet regulatory requirements. With Sentinel, we now have the ability to accelerate organizations pace of cloud adoption while carefully managing the nuances of multi cloud environments to ensure infrastructure changes are within business and regulatory policy for each cloud infrastructure provider. By integrating Sentinel with each Hashicorp enterprise product, we see a broad range of possible uses, at multiple layers of an organization’s infrastructure.

Solinea is delighted to be selected as a Hashicorp SI launch partner in conjunction with the new Hashicorp partner network. As a Member partner, we plan to expand our staff certifications around Hashicorp products as we modernize our clients’ “cloud first” operations. Hashicorp has generously stepped up to offer access to essential training content that will enable Solinea and other partners to develop the necessary expertise to implement Hashicorp solutions into our client deployment scenarios. Through the Membership partner tier, we will have the ability to build lab environments for client POCs to evaluate Terraform, Vault, Nomad and Consul by applying client-specific use cases. We are excited about the next phase of our partnership and the benefits this will bring to our mutual clients.