Pick ‘Em: OpenStack Summit Talk Voting Closes Feb. 17

Voting is underway for which speaking sessions will be featured at the OpenStack Summit. There are a bunch of great user, technical, and community sessions proposed for this Summit. You can check out the full list here, and the 13 sessions that the Solinea team members have contributed.

Take a look, vote and spread the word. Voting closes February 17.

Are Production Clouds Hard?

“So You Think Running a Production Cloud is Hard”

Alright, you’ve finally got everyone on board with this whole “private cloud” thing.  You’ve gone to the meetings and convinced everyone of the benefits of on-demand services for developers. You’ve done the math and presented how much time will be saved by using cloud over traditional hardware and how this will increase revenue. Everyone is finally excited about deploying an OpenStack private cloud!

What are your next steps?

OpenStack and HA

“OpenStack High Availability – How to get the most from all OpenStack Services”

This session explain the HA solutions for OpenStack. In OpenStack, there are core components that should be considered for HA solutions.  OpenStack gathers all the good and in many aspects the bad things of different layers. Network, Storage, Object etc. Commonly all the management services are deployed to what’s called the Controller. Depending on the scale, which mode of HA to be adopted, this can change how the resources are consumed. All services do however, need to be authenticated and acting as a hub for other services like Keystone which handles not only the authentication but also the authorization for all services.

SAML federation with OpenStack Liberty and OpenAM

“Field Report: OpenStack Identity Federation for Enterprise Deployments”

In this session we explore the Enterprise use-case for federation and then dive into details with an example implementation. The detailed implementation has useful takeaways for architecture, design, and security topics.

We will then wrap up with a review of the implementation against our target use cases.

OpenStack and Information Security

“OpenStack Meets the Information Security Department”

A vendor-neutral look at real obstacles and architectural solutions for Information Security compliance when deploying OpenStack.

So you think the architecture is complete, but perhaps the security division didn’t really understand it as well as you thought? Bringing OpenStack into an enterprise environment can often present big challenges for a conventional Information Security organisation – and big obstacles for the deployer.

This session takes real-life deployment issues from several large-scale deployment projects across different customers (financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing) and presents solution approaches for each.

Images, Images Everywhere

“A Better World Through Automation”

With increasing enterprise adoption of OpenStack, Docker, and hybrid cloud solutions, it is a continued challenge to keep operating system baselines consistent across environments. Functional, procedural, and security mandates all need to be considered when creating images. We will discuss practical lessons learned and methods for the creation of baseline images as part of a full CI/CD pipeline.

Kubernetes on OpenStack in the Real World

“Planning and Deploying Kubernetes on OpenStack”

More and more enterprises are looking to deploy Kubernetes within their OpenStack clouds. This session reviews the challenges and key architectural considerations as organizations adopt this rapidly evolving microservices solution. We will look at the lessons learned from a large enterprise client as they evaluated options, architected a microservices platform, and began their deployment of Kubernetes on OpenStack.

Tooling for Building Kube Clusters

“Rolling Your Own Kubernetes Clusters on OpenStack with Ansible and Terraform”

This session offers a practical methodology for getting started with Kubernetes, regardless of the version of OpenStack an end user may be running on. Attendees will learn about the basics of creating OpenStack resources using a tool like Terraform, as well as how to transition from this creation to provisioning with Ansible.

Test Prep for the COA Exam

“The Test Takers’ Guide to the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam”

OpenStack has become a sought-after skillset for IT professionals. Employers are looking to certifications for validation to ensure that they are hiring the right skill sets from the marketplace.  Enter the Certified OpenStack Administration (COA) program and exam.

Hear from a community panel that participated in the COA working group and get the best practices on how to best prepare for the exam. No, we won’t divulge the test questions, but attendees will receive sage advice from panelists whose companies offer hands-on OpenStack training what it takes to achieve certification and hear from the companies that offer hands-on OpenStack train.

Tips, Tricks for App Devs Using Docker in OpenStack

“App Development in a Dockerized Universe”

In this session, we will walk attendees through our development and deployment lifecycle using Docker containers deployed into an OpenStack cloud. We will describe how each stage has been improved, the challenges we encountered, and the solutions that we’ve implemented.

DevOps is Hard

“Why Is DevOps So Hard for the Enterprise?”

Are you ready to implement a DevOps philosophy in your company? This session looks at best practices for how to get there, given that DevOps is first and foremost a *process change*, not a technology change.

This distinction is at the heart of why DevOps transformation can be so hard for an enterprise. After all, DevOps is not about how you install a technology. It’s about how you get your full team—in some cases as many as 40,000 people—to change the way they work every day. It can be a bit of a battle, to put it lightly. This talk will covers the process and psychological barriers and looks at some basic business principles that are often neglected in a DevOps transformation.

Facilitate Training with OpenStack

“OpenStack in the Classroom”

OpenStack is an ideal platform for shared virtualized resources in training scenarios. Training often requires distributing shared resources and computing environments to facilitate the end-user hands-on experience. OpenStack gives us a perfect platform for providing such virtualized resources. Attend this session for tips and tricks on how to use OpenStack to facilitate training.

Cloudfunding Panel

“Seeking Fame and Fortune in OpenStack Startup Land”

Building a cloud infrastructure startup is a special kind of hard. This panel is stacked with “been there, done that” founders who are prepared to tell you their stories, show you their scars and point out some of the less-obvious landmines in your path. They won’t offer advice so much as they’ll offer the right set of questions you should be asking yourself *before* you take that fateful step into cloud infrastructure startup land.

Implementing Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

“CI/CD using Docker on OpenStack”

There are many CI/CD options with OpenStack. We’ll explore some of those and talk about how Docker solves many of the issues.

Check out the talks, vote for your favorites, spread the word to your friends, and we’ll see you in Austin in April…

Author: Seth Fox