OpenStack Summit: Intro to OpenStack Architecture (Grizzly Edition)

As promised, here are the diagrams and slides from my presentation at the OpenStack Summit from yesterday:

  • Slides (pptx)
  • Conceptual Architecture (jpeg)
  • Logical Architecture (jpeg)
  • Diagrams source (OmniGraffle)

NOTEThese diagrams and presentations have been updated as part of OpenStack Grizzly Architecture (revisited).

All of these items are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licensed. And yes, all of these files are hosted on OpenStack Swift at Rackspace.

Sometime later this week, I will post the text version of my talk (here on this blog). I believe that the OpenStack Summit organizers will also be posting the video from my talk sometime next week.

Author: Solinea