Navigating the OpenStack Ecosystem

At the 2014 Fall OpenStack Conference, Solinea’s VP of Operations, Seth Fox and Sriram Subramanian aka CloudDon, spoke about ways to navigate the diverse OpenStack ecosystem.

If you take one look at the OpenStack ecosystem, you can see that enterprise adoption is in full swing. For enterprises businesses to take full advantage of any technology, a vibrant ecosystem is key. Enterprise businesses do not adopt technology in silos. Silos, will not provide the complete solution needed by these businesses. The OpenStack Ecosystem is growing rapidly. The history of this ecosystem can be seen in the diversity of distro players, but in the past few cycles, there has been a clear expansion into a much wider range of solution and services.

“Embracing the ecosystem is key to the success of any OpenStack deployment. Getting an understanding of what is available is a critical success factor for any installation. There is a larger ecosystem out there that provides software and services to meet the business needs of the enterprise. This session will show you how to find your way around this diverse and growing environment.”

The slides from this presentation can be found here. We’ll be posting further Solinea presentations and videos from the 2015 Fall OpenStack Conference in the coming weeks.