It’s the Enterprise’s Time to Shine: OpenStack Summit Austin

Stackers from around the world are busy buying airfare and polishing up presentations in anticipation of what will be the biggest gathering of OpenStack developers and users yet.

The OpenStack Summit in Austin, April 25-29, will set the roadmap for the Newton and Ocata releases of the software, feature keynotes from users and visionaries, and dig into architectural, deployment, and operations best practices.

The momentum within the OpenStack community is palpable, and enterprises are leading the way. In many respects, this Summit is as much about enterprise users as it is about the large service providers and telecoms who are deploying public and hybrid clouds powered by OpenStack.

The Solinea team is presenting five talks at the Summit. We hope you’ll check out the entire schedule and choose the sessions that will help you move your OpenStack game plan—whether you’re looking at VMs or containers—to the next level.

DEFCON 3: OpenStack meets the Information Security Department – Monday, Apr 25th, 2:50pm
James Clark presents this vendor-neutral look at real obstacles and architectural solutions for Infosec compliance when deploying OpenStack.

The Test Takers’ Guide to the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam – Tuesday April 26th, 2:50pm  
Seth Fox joins Susan Wu (Midokura), Jeffrey Olson (EMC), and Ron Terry (SUSE) for a session that is must-see if you’re preparing to take the COA exam. Come get advice on how to prepare from the group that helped build the test. No, the panel won’t divulge test questions, but attendees will receive sage advice on what it takes to achieve certification from panelists whose companies offer hands-on OpenStack training.

Seeking Fame and Fortune in OpenStack Startup Land – Tuesday, April 26, 2:50pm
Francesco Paola joins fellow entrepreneurs Jesse Proudman (Blue Box, an IBM company) and Sumeet Singh (AppFormix) to offer a “been there, done that” view from founders who are prepared to tell their stories, show their scars and point out some of the less-obvious landmines along the path to startup nirvana. Special guest appearance by Randy Bias (Cloudscaling, acquired by EMC).

Rolling Your Own Kubernetes Clusters on OpenStack with Ansible and Terraform – Thursday, April 28th, 3:10pm  
Spencer Smith leads this intermediate-level tour of the community resources available for deploying Kubernetes clusters on any group of servers, as well as how to leverage tools like Terraform to automate the creation of necessary infrastructure. The session concludes with a demo of a full end-to-end deployment of a small cluster.

App Development in a Dockerized Universe – Thursday, April 28th 5:00pm
Luke Heidecke and John Stanford will present a development and deployment lifecycle approach developed by Solinea that uses Docker containers deployed into an OpenStack cloud. They will describe how each stage has been improved, the challenges encountered, and the solutions.

We’ll see you in Austin!

Author: Seth Fox