A Hat Trick: Series A, Deutsche Börse, and ITOCHU

Many sports have their “hat trick” moments. Soccer (or football, depending on your point of view), cricket… even lacrosse. A hat trick is the achievement of three milestones, all in a row.

Today, Solinea celebrates three major achievements in a row. They underscore the momentum building within our company as we grow, elevate our visibility and emerge as a preferred choice for large enterprises deploying technology-agnostic open cloud solutions that give application developers the tools they need to help their companies grow, compete and win.

1. Series A Closing
The first announcement is the closing of our Series A funding round, led by TransLink Capital. TransLink is the ideal lead investor for Solinea at this stage of growth, as they understand global delivery, how enterprises buy transformative IT technologies and how our hybrid services and software model facilitates adoption of rapidly evolving, open technologies. (hint: it’s a services + products delivery model)

We’ll use the funds to expand our service delivery and training capabilities. But equally important, we will expand our engineering and product management teams as we move toward a Q1 2016 launch of our product based on the Goldstone project. As you probably know, we open sourced the Goldstone projectearlier this year. We’ll have more to say about the product we’re building and the problems it addresses in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

The Series A places Solinea among a new wave of open infrastructure startups. Companies like Platform9, Appformix, and Kismatic are all focused on delivering a more complete solution set–including training and tooling. Early open infrastructure startups were focused either on opinionated software distributions or solely on professional services. Enterprise customers need a diverse set of skills and products to succeed with technologies like OpenStack, Docker and Kubernetes, and that’s what we deliver.

2. Strategic Partnership in Japan With ITOCHU

The US$4 million Series A equity round also includes a strategic partnership with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, giving us an experienced and trusted go to market partner in the Japanese IT services market for open infrastructure cloud. The partnership is very important for Solinea, as it not only complements our established presence in North America and Europe, but expands our Asia presence building upon our year-old Seoul, Korea office and the foundational work Solinea has done on the car cloud project.

You can read more about our Series A and the ITOCHU partnership in the news release.

3. Client: Germany’s Deutsche Börse

The third part of our hat trick is announcing our ongoing partnership with global market infrastructure provider Deutsche Börse Group (DBG). We’re working together to develop a hybrid cloud platform as well as the business processes and training to support its adoption. The hybrid cloud platform will support the migration of existing applications as well as deployment and operations for the company’s software development teams.

That’s important, because DBG understands the need to empower application developers to build new, cloud-native applications that leverage open infrastructure technologies including OpenStack to maximize business agility and IT efficiency.

In many respects, DBG is an ideal case study. They understand that success in cloud adoption happens when the business and IT leadership see cloud as more than just a technology solution. Even more importantly, it shows that OpenStack and the cloud are tackling difficult real world problems like compliance, security and regulations that every enterprise will face. Along with our clients in North America and APAC, DBG sees cloud as a strategic imperative to achieve the business benefits of agility and efficiency.

You can read more about our work with Deutsche Börse here.

Today’s “hat trick” is all about momentum… momentum that’s a direct result of serving clients, building an all-star team and delivering solutions that solve real business problems rather than push a technology agenda. There are more exciting things to come in the next few months, and we’ll share them as they happen. Meanwhile, if you’re going to be in Tokyo for the OpenStack Summit next week, or KubeCon in San Francisco in November, let us know. We’d love to show you everything we’ve been working on at Solinea.

Author: Francesco Paola