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We are Open Infrastructure experts.

Solinea services help enterprises build step-by-step modernization plans to evolve from legacy infrastructure and processes to modern cloud and open source infrastructure driven by DevOps and Agile processes.

Better processes and tools equal better customer (and employee) satisfaction, lower IT costs, and easier recruiting, with fewer legacy headaches.

Solinea specializes in 3 areas:

Containers and Microservices

Now enterprises are looking for ways to drive even more efficiencies, we help organizations with Docker and Kubernetes implementations – containerizing applications and orchestrating the containers in production.

DevOps and CI/CD Automation

Once we build the infrastructure, the challenge is to gain agility from the environment, which is the primary reason people adopt cloud. We work at the process level and tool chain level, meaning that we have engineers that specialize in technologies like Jenkins, Git, Artifactory, Cliqr and we build these toolchains and underlying processes so organizations can build and move apps more effectively to the cloud.

Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure

We are design and implementation experts, working with a variety of open source and proprietary, and have built numerous private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms for globally-recognized enterprises for over three years.

“Digital transformation is becoming a business requirement, no longer a nice-to-have.”
451 Research October, 2016

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