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We are the cloud adoption experts

Solinea partners with leading global enterprises to help them achieve their agile, secure, and transformational objectives through the intelligent adoption of strategic cloud solutions.

Cloud Adoption: We partner with clients to define and execute the next generation multi-cloud strategy to achieve agility, efficiency and transparency, and optimize the spend. The outcome is the right cloud adoption strategy that allows the business to focus on its core competencies.
Application Migration: As public cloud solutions like GCP, AWS and Azure mature and address enterprise security and compliance concerns, we help clients define and execute the migration strategy to hybrid cloud solutions, for existing applications and legacy infrastructure, as well as new cloud-native deployments.
DevOps Enablement: As competitive threats and the need for agility force IT organizations to transform themselves, we help clients accelerate the adoption of the underlying agile and automation solutions through the optimized design and implementation of DevOps toolchains and processes, accelerating application throughput to the cloud.
Container & Microservices Solutions: As transformational technologies like Docker and Kubernetes mature, we work with customers to architect and implement solutions that make these efficient and scalable environments part of their development and operational fabric, building for the future to eliminate lock-in and enable the desired flexibility to compete.

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